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  • How To Choose a Home Inspector
  • Home Inspections & Warranties
  • The State of Vermont does not require Home Inspectors to be licensed.
  • Once you have a property “Under Contract”, you will need to set up an inspection.  It is best to contact at least three inspectors to get a sense of their experience, ability to deliver the report in a timely manner, and compare the cost of the inspections.   The cost is usually based on the following:
    1.  Size of Home/Condo – good to have the MLS data sheet to help you with this information
    2.  Location of Property – how far does the inspector have to travel?  Most do not charge for this, but go ahead and ask.
    3.  Additional Tests – these could include radon and water tests.
  • Sometimes, either before, during or after the inspection, the inspector may recommend you hire a specialist.  This could include a structural engineer, a septic inspector, a heating specialist, an electrician, or a plumber.

Inspection Information – Since there are no license requirements, I have composed lists of inspectors based on the two organizations below.  Both require a high standards of practice and a strict code of ethics:


Steven Dukette, Owner
Covered Bridge Professional Home Inspections LLC
Troy, VT 05868
Cell: 802-249-1097
License Number: 245583

Guy Henning
The Brickkicker Home Inspection
Fairfax, VT 05454


The BrickKicker Home Inspection


Inspection Technologies Co.